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3 Ways to Grow Your Business Through Organic Marketing

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Organic marketing is a strategy that drives traffic to your company gradually as you build your brand, instead of using paid advertising or sponsored posts. This includes unpaid social content, blog posts (like the one you’re reading right now), YouTube, email marketing, news releases hosted directly on your website (as opposed to being uploaded as just PDF files), as well as any content pertaining to your company that’s available on your website.

The main goal of organic marketing is to raise brand awareness, build an audience, and keep said audience engaged.

It's important to emphasize that organic marketing does not mean it won’t cost you any money. Getting the right tools to build your marketing strategy and paying for any relevant software will be an investment, but you will not pay for the traffic to your social channels or website. With organic marketing, you can attract potential investors/buyers to your company, which will allow you to build your retargeting list should you ever decide to pursue paid marketing efforts. Organic marketing is the window to an effective marketing strategy, and we break down the 3 best ways to leverage organic marketing below.

1. SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which essentially refers to the process of improving your website to increase its visibility when people search for companies, products, or services related to your company on search engines like Google. You cannot directly pay to promote or increase your SEO results, but that’s where SEO experts come in and are masters in their field and put in good ole sweat equity to improve your SEO ranking. The more content that’s visible on your website, the more likely it is your website will show up in search results when people search key words or similar brands/companies, thus driving more traffic to your website. While maintaining a blog and developing engaging and educational content is effective, it’s not always the most plausible option for public companies. The simplest and most effective way for public companies to increase their SEO ranking is by ensuring all news releases are hosted directly on a web page on their website, and are not just uploaded as PDFs, although having the PDF option available is always encouraged.

2. Social Media Marketing Your marketing strategy should be comprehensive and include diversity in the mediums you use to expand your reach. Social media marketing is a tried-and-true method to keep your existing customers/shareholders engaged, while continuing to raise brand awareness and outreach.

Social media allows you to take advantage of branded storytelling, which reinforces your brand strategy and increases your visibility to your target audience. It is, very simply put, the easiest way to keep your community engaged and updated, without feeling spammed.

You can also use your social channels to periodically plug a mailing list sign-up to deliver more curated content to your subscribers through email marketing.

3. Email Marketing Email marketing allows you to engage with your subscribers (oftentimes existing customers/shareholders) through strategic messaging to raise awareness and promote your brand.

Most public companies know to send a copy of their news release via email to their subscribers, but that’s usually where they draw the line with email communications because they’re afraid of becoming “spammy”, which is a completely valid concern.

Reminder: your email subscribers have signed up to your mailing list to receive the latest company news and updates straight to their inbox. If you are doing a roadshow or participating in a conference, do not hesitate to draft an email to let your subscribers know, especially if they’re able to sign up for a meeting with the CEO.

Did a cool interview or webinar and want to share that with your subscribers? Cool, do it. Although, exercise caution to ensure you are not arm-waving and also acknowledge (run by your legal team) that any time you promote/endorse positive press from a certain publication, you must do the same if there’s bad press.

Final Thoughts Do not sleep on organic marketing. While paid marketing efforts are important and should be explored, organic marketing will only strengthen your brand presence and paid marketing efforts and results. If you enjoyed this post and want to learn more about how we can help you with your organic marketing efforts, shoot us a line at to get the conversation started.

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