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ONCOM's Marketing and PR services are designed for companies of small and medium sized in the industries we operate in. All of our offerings are developed specially to meet each client’s needs and long-term goals

Digital Marketing

Customized and comprehensive digital marketing solutions for companies to increase target customer/investor outreach and engagement

Checking the news online

Social Media Strategy and Management

Strategic social media marketing, including content creation, scheduling, and outreach

Media & Public Relations

Media training, conference preparation, website development, copywriting (ads, banners, whitepapers etc.), key message development, script writing and blogging 

Cameramen Lined Up
Design Magazine

Corporate Branding 

Strategic brand development and positioning, elevating the Company's reception, while ensuring brand alignment and consistency across all channels 

Data Analytics

Analytics and strategy are at the heart of ONCOM, thus data is constantly analyzed to shape campaigns with effective ROI

Analysing data
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